Welcome to The Damascus Road Project


    We're so glad you've decided to visit us here on the Web, and hope you enjoy your stay with us.  This website will be a continual work in progress, updated regularly as the project evolves and grows.  So, please visit with us often.


    To the left you'll find links to each of the components that make up The Damascus Road Project.   They should always be there, so you will never get lost.  If necessary, select the "Damascus Road" banner above, and you'll be brought back to this page.


    The first selection to the left is for Damascus Road - The Book, which is published and available for your enjoyment.  Selecting that link will take you to a page where you can read an excerpt from the book, learn a bit about the characters, hook up with the Authors and have a chance to purchase it from the publisher's website.  The book is also available on Amazon.com, Target.com, Walmart.com, BarnesAndNobel.com ... and can be ordered from any retail bookstore.  .


    Below that is Damascus Road -  The "Soundtrack Demo" CD.  On this page you'll have a chance to listen to the songs and learn a bit about the band that put the songs together, Catch 153.  Within those pages will also be a link to the Website for the CD release, which is also going to be "public" on, or around, June 12, 2007.  It will be the place to go and find out about any upcoming events that the band may be playing in.


    The last option to the left is for Damascus Road - The Movie.  Ultimately, that is what The Damascus Road Project is all about.  It started with the screenplay, worked toward the music and the soundtrack demo, and finally culminated with the book ... which, ironically, was the first "public" face to the project.  Currently the movie is in development, and we're just waiting for the Lord to bring all the pieces together.  Go there to get a quick read of the "Treatment," or synopsis.


    Finally, at the bottom of the page is a secondary menu where you can view upcoming events such as Book Signings, public appearances by the Authors or Catch 153, have some common questions answered or read a bit of the history of the project.


    Great and awesome things are happening for The Damascus Road Project.  Come back often, because this is a work in progress.  We're in the early stages of our development, and as things evolve and grow, we will be updating these pages regularly.  Please enjoy your visit with us, and may you find peace in your life.